10 Reasons Why A Good Logo Is Important To Grow Your Business

A good logo is one of the best ways to increase your brand value and promote your business or organisation. A professional logo makes your business more credible and reliable to your customers.

you need to use the logo everywhere like on your business cards, your products, your website, your social media pages and on every marketing field. Right?

So, It is the first and most memorable part of your business by which the customer can judge your brand and trust you more than other competitors.

Simply put, a good logo is important to build brand identity, gain loyalty, attract customer attention, gain brand recognition and ultimately increase your business’s brand value and sales.

Here we are going to discuss in detail 10 important benefits of a good professional logo. We will also share some special tips and tricks to design it in a professional way.

Let’s jump to the main discussion.

Benefits of A Good Logo

1. It provides your brand identity

A brand is only as good as its identity. If your brand identity is great, it means your brand is great. On the other hand, if it’s low, your brand is bad.

Your company logo is the face of your brand. Because it represents your business to entire groups of customers and others. It creates a brand identity for your business.

It’s the first thing people see about your company and people remember it. So it is important to have a logo that properly represents your company.

2. A good logo enhances your brand loyalty

A logo is a powerful tool for increasing brand loyalty. It can be used to create a unique and recognizable identity for a company or product.

As we know, an emotion can create a strong connection between you and your product or company. It is also important to build loyalty and patronage for your business.

A good logo can evoke this kind of  emotional response in customers which definitely increases loyalty towards your business.

3. It gives your business a great first impression

There is a famous saying “first impression is last impression”. First impressions are really useful in setting up future interactions.

If you can make a good first impression on your product or business, people remember it for a long time and develop a positive view of your brand. 

On the other hand, if you make a bad first impression, people may not perceive your brand positively.

A logo is a branding element that is visible to your customers first. So, it will undoubtedly make your first impression. 

Therefore, you need to perfect your logo so that it is able to create a smooth and great first impression.

4. It makes your business memorable 

When a customer needs to buy something, most of the time he decides to buy from the brand that he can remember first.

He may trust that memorable brand more than others.

So, making your brand memorable is essential to increase your sales and gain the trust of your customers.

A good logo is the most effective element that makes your brand more memorable to your customers and others.

In this case our experts recommend a simple design with a readable typography and high quality images for your logo. 

Because the human brain can usually remember more simple things.

5. A good logo attracts the customers more

Perhaps the greatest success of any branding element is that it is more able to capture the attention of customers. This is also the primary objective of any marketing activity.

When you can attract your customers more, they start to develop a positive view of your brand and trust it. 

He will love using your product and recommend others to use it. Thus, he will act as a marketing element for your business.

A good logo is a branding element that can grab your customers’ attention first and foremost. So, make your logo more attractive to attract customers to your brand.

6. It conveys your message properly

A good logo has strong communication power with customers. It can present you and your business in front of your customers and convey your message to them properly.

The colours, fonts, and designs you use in your logo all communicate psychologically to your potential and existing customers. 

For example, colour communicates with customers’ emotions. Thus, a professional logo greatly conveys your business message to your customers.

7. It makes your business stand out from others

Customers don’t just value the quality of your product or the credibility of your business, they also value your brand on how different your product is. 

When your brand can give him a different taste, he will be more willing to do business with you.

Many branding elements can make your business stand out from the rest, but the role of a good brand logo has the greatest impact.

A professional logo is of course the key to making your brand recognizable and differentiating it from others.

8. It creates your brand recognition

A customer goes through three steps to decide to buy any product. 

These are creating demand or desire for the product, searching for the perfect one and finally choosing the product.

When the customer stays at the second stage, the role of brand recognition comes into play. People generally trust a reputed brand more. 

They feel that a recognized brand cannot compromise on the quality of its products at least to maintain its reputation.

In this case, a professional logo plays an important role in creating brand recognition for your business. 

So, if you want to increase your brand reputation and create recognition for it, you should look into an attractive, cool logo.

9. It is usable everywhere for branding

A logo is the only branding element that you can use anywhere.

You can use it with every marketing tool like your website, your products, your business cards, your social media pages and more.

This is why our design experts recommend making your brand logo responsive.

Since you need to use the logo in a versatile field, it should fit perfectly everywhere. So be more concerned about the responsiveness of your logo to use it properly.

10. A good logo increases your revenue

We have discussed several effective benefits of a good logo above. These all benefits actually lead your business to revenue earning.

So, apart from providing all the benefits, a good logo helps you eventually increase your income. Additionally, it will increase your brand credibility and give you many loyal customers.

Some practical tips for a good logo design

1. Keep the design simple

It is an important fact that our brain can remember anything easily made or designed for a long time. It just hates complexity.

Additionally, the simplicity of any type of design increases the readability of your design, therefore, it can convey a message very clearly and effectively.

A complex design usually contains more information or additional design materials. This is why the design becomes cluttered and more importantly it prevents focus on important or relevant things.

So, if you want to make your design more attention-grabbing, cleaner, easier to read and more effective, then you need to keep your logo design simple.

2. Use better colour

Human emotions are strongly associated with colour. Colour has a powerful effect on one’s emotions. 

Thus, it can create an effective connection between you and your brand.

Remember, when you choose a colour for your logo, you are also choosing the emotions to appeal to your consumers.

As we all know, emotion is one of the most effective tools for making any decision. 

Therefore, if you can harness the emotions of your audience through the perfect colour, you stand a great chance of converting them into your potential leads.

Not only that, logos with an attractive look are also important to attract customers’ attention and create an instant sense of comfort. 

Besides creating strong emotions with customers, a perfect colour makes your logo more attractive.

3. Use suitable fonts to make an attractive typography

When you use good typography in your logo, it adds a lot of benefits.

It is important to create personality, make the logo attractive, attract customers’ attention, convey the message clearly, make the logo readable and understandable, make the logo more dynamic and many more.

Also, good typography is important to create an emotional connection with both the audience and target customers.

The first step in fine-tuning your typography is to select the most appropriate font. 

A perfect font can multiply the attractiveness of your logo and add a different dimension to your typography.

So, use the best matching fonts in typography and make your logo more effective.

4. Make your logo memorable

As we have discussed above, a customer most of the time decides to buy any product from the brand that he can remember first.

If you can make your logo memorable, your audience will easily carry the logo in their mind.

When they need to buy a product that goes with your business, they will prefer your brand because they can remember your brand first.

This is how a memorable logo can increase your sales manifold.

5. Make your logo relevant with your business

Your brand logo represents your business. If this logo is irrelevant to your type of business, it looks clumsy and unprofessional. 

Moreover, it can confuse your audience and fail to convey your message properly.

Your logo should be so relevant that an audience can understand your business just by looking at it. 

Simply put, your logo should be highly relevant to your business. Otherwise, you will lose a lot of potential customers by confusing them with your logo.

6. Make your logo versatile

The versatility of your logo means its ability to adapt to any media or look impressive in any situation. A versatile logo looks equally good in large and small sizes or on black and white surfaces, etc.

You should use your logo in every marketing media. So, it should be versatile so that it can be more suitable wherever you use it.

A versatile logo is also important for its timelessness. It is so affordable that you can easily and cheaply redesign it every year.

7. Use Vector graphics for high quality

The biggest advantage of using vector graphics in your logo is that it is highly scalable. You can adapt it to any format either large or small.

A vector graphic file contains no pixel information, only mathematical points. So, vector images are very light and the file sizes are very small.

Vector graphics are easily reusable and editable that gives a designer unlimited freedom in graphic design and illustration.


Statistics show that 75% of consumers recognize brands by their logo and 59% decide to purchase a product or service from this recognized brand. This is really huge.

So, it goes without saying how important a good logo is to your business branding.Hopefully, you can get an effective guide by following the mentioned tips and tricks.

If you have any query related to logo design, you can email us and ask our experts.

Or, if you need any design related services, feel free to contact Pixency.


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