15 Amazing Websites to Open Your Custom T Shirt Store

Want to open a custom t shirt store to sell online? If your answer is yes, your first task as a new entrepreneur is to find out the best websites that sell tshirts.
This is a great opportunity for design entrepreneurs as they can start their business without investment and physical attachment.
Your mere work is to create designs for t-shirts and promote them properly, these websites work as POD (print-on-demand) flatform for you.
Simply put, When people like your designed t-shirts and order to buy them, these tshirt design selling websites work as your partners in charge of production and fulfilment.
When it comes to running a custom t-shirt business, there are a ton of custom t-shirt stores where you can launch your business.
We have listed the top 15 custom t-shirt store websites to help you choose the best one for your business. Let’s begin.


If you want to start your custom t-shirt design business then Printful is one of the best and easiest platforms for you.
You can create a store on Printful where you can display all the t-shirts you have designed.
You can use this platform completely free. But when customers confirm their order for your designed t-shirts, you need to pay for the production materials and shipping costs.
A big advantage of this platform is that you can ship your products worldwide. So, you will get a large area and a large number of target audience to generate your sales.
It’s not just for t-shirts, you can design for prints, stickers, mugs, hats, hoodies and more.


Teespring is one of the best chosen platforms for many designers to sell their designed products.
The platform is very popular for apparels like t-shirts, tops, hats, hoodies, sweatshirts, etc. But you can use it for several other designs like stickers, phone covers, canvas prints, leggings, mugs, etc.
Teespring has a great unique feature. You can learn about the product promotion process in their specialised training university completely free.
Another popular advantage of this platform is that the website itself runs Boosting on various marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and others. This promotional method helps you generate more sales.
Like most custom t-shirt stores, it’s completely free to use. You only need to pay when you receive an order to print the product and fulfil the shipping process.


You can choose CafePress as your custom tshirt store website for its ease of use and great user-friendly features.
You can create your own online store on this platform where you can stock all your designs.
If you have good knowledge about the ranking process, you can easily start selling.
On the other hand, If you don’t have good SEO or ranking skills, you can use their online marketplace to sell your products.
In this case, you will get only 10% commission from each sale price.
Besides designing t-shirts or apparel, you can also generate your sales by designing other merchandise. So, you may consider this website as your tshirt store platform.


If you want to easily generate sales for your custom designed t-shirts, then Zazzle is one of the best options for you.
Besides just selling custom designs, you also have an option to use the platform as just a marketplace and handle all the printing and shipping yourself.
This platform has another option to earn money which can be used by both designers and non-designers.
You can promote other people’s products by acting as their affiliate partner and earn money on commission basis for each sale.
This is a great opportunity to earn even if you don’t have good design skills.
Finally, this platform is completely free for all types of earning methods and very easy to manage.


Printify is a great platform where designers can showcase their designed t-shirts for sale online.
The platform is not only limited to t-shirts. You can also design mobile covers, mugs, leggings, stickers, etc to sell using this website.
The website will take responsibility for product printing and invoice fulfilment. You just need to prepare the designs and apply them properly on the t-shirts.
Printify is not completely free. You can start your t-shirt business on this website for free. But you have to pay after opening a certain number of shops.
Therefore, if your budget is suitable for its price range, you can consider the website to open your store.


Redbubble is one of the most trusted platforms to open your designed t-shirt store with a huge traffic presence.
This website allows you to digitally upload your designed t-shirts to its site and display them online from your store.
Like most custom store websites, you can use this platform to sell t-shirts as well as other designed products as per your customers’ needs.
The website sets a basic price of 25$ for each product item. But the prices are changeable depending on the delivery address. You also get the option to set the price of your product as per your needs.
You don’t have to pay any monthly fee to avail their services. So, if you are willing to open your custom t-shirt shop, the website is highly recommended.

Merch by Amazon

There is no doubt that Merch by Amazon is the most popular and well-known website for shopping t-shirts online.
You need to design the product only and the website takes care of all the printing, packaging and shipping responsibility.
You can set the price for each product yourself. But there is a concern that if you fail to sell one of your products within 80 days, the site itself will remove the product from your product listing.
Signing up is easy and free. All you have to do is fill up an application form and submit it for acceptance.
At first, you will only be able to upload 25 items but when you complete the goal you will be allowed to upgrade it to around 100.
The website has millions of users as well as lots of sellers. So, if you can’t promote or rank your products properly, it’s a bit difficult to generate the expected sales level.
But if you rank one of your products, you will be able to generate a lot of sales because of its numerous user presence.


Spreadshirt can be one of your favourite platforms to open your t-shirt store online.
Apart from this, you can sell more than 200 designed product items like posters, stickers, hoodies, mobile covers, hats, sweaters and more.
Like Zazzle, Spreadsheet allows you to earn money by affiliating to other products. You will earn up to 20% commission payment for each product sold.
You can set up your store matching your brand by customising your layout with colours and fonts.
They also have a marketplace where you can sell your products without opening your store on their website.
A great advantage of Spreadshirt is that if you are a new designer or can perform well, it automatically runs regular promotions to boost your products.


Unlike all online stores, you can’t start generating sales by just uploading your designs or products in Threadless.
If you want to go on sale, you need to be upvoted by the community. But when you get it, it becomes very easy for you to set up your store and generate sales.
The big advantage of Threadless is that it itself promotes your product in the marketplace if you can design it in the best way.
You have the flexibility to set up any product price you want on this website.
But we recommend keeping your prices very affordable in the beginning stage. Over time you can upgrade your price range according to product demand.


It really doesn’t matter where you live. You can manage your t-shirt business from anywhere and provide global services with the help of Society6.
The site will take care of printing, delivering and even promoting your business. So, you don’t need to worry about anything but great and attractive design.
The website is very simple to manage so you can open your store and generate your sales very easily.
You will get a lot of organic traffic on this website who visit the site daily just for the purpose of buying their favourite products.
Other artworks like canvas prints, posters, mugs, phone covers, stickers, home decor and more are also in high demand on this website.


If you want to limit your business to t-shirts or apparel items, SellMyTees may be one of the best choices for you.
Because this platform is not very popular for non-apparel items like mugs or stickers.
You can use it for free in the initial stage. But when you want to upload more than 20 items, you need to buy one of their paid plans.
In that case, You can use their platform for monthly prices starting at $9.99.
The website offers you all kinds of printing, shipping and even marketing support to ease your sales process.


Bonfire is one of the most accessible websites to sell designed t-shirts or other products online.
Apart from personal business, if you have a company that designs and sells t-shirts, you can include it on the website.
You can customise your product pages to fit your brand. Moreover, this website is 100% free to use to open your store and display all your products.
You can set your expected price for each product and get full profit from each sale.
So, as a beginner, you can put the website in your consideration list for ease of its use and access.

Textual Tees 

Textual Tees is a great t-shirt shopping platform especially for pop culture lovers.
The website prioritises a wide range of categories like games and sports, sci-fi, zombies, technology, science, etc.
A unique feature of Textual Tees is its return and replacement policy which is very convenient for both sellers and buyers.
You have to do only the great and attractive designs. Because the site will take care of printing, shipping and even marketing for your business.
Although you have the option to set up your expected price on this site, a very affordable price is suggested for you at the initial stage.


Sunfrog offers you a high quality service of printing your designed t-shirts and sending them to your customers upon order confirmation. Here you can also print your design on mugs, stickers, sweatshirts, hats or hoodies.
Even if a non-designer wants to generate his income from this website, there is a great opportunity to do so by conducting affiliate marketing for others’ products.
Sunfrog pays an affiliate commission of approximately 35% per sale.
A big advantage of SunFrog is that the site doesn’t pressure you through providing any sales targets.
If you are not capable enough to promote products yourself, you can generate sales by sharing affiliate commission programs.
You just need to upload your custom t-shirt design. Affiliate marketers promote your products and generate sales for them.
This way you can start making money without any promotional or marketing activities.

Design By Humans 

Design By Humans is a very popular t-shirt selling platform especially to the gaming and tech lovers.
Design By Humans sells t-shirts or other clothing for both males and females of every age group. In addition, they sell a variety of tech accessories and  many types of art prints.
Design By Humans organises design contests where you have an opportunity to attend the contests and show your creativity.
you can create an account free on this website and upload your designs with no limit.


These websites are the most popular platforms for opening a custom t-shirt store to sell online. Hope you can select your best t-shirt store website from our researched list and start your business very smoothly.
You need only the eye-catching designs to start your t-shirt business in Most of the websites.
Because these websites provide you all the services of printing, shipping and marketing.
You may prepare your design yourself or can take the assistance of a design agency like Pixency to produce a more attractive design.
Pixency deals with any design and branding related services. If you need any design related services, you may contact us.



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