How To Create And Set Up A LinkedIn Ad Account/Campaign manager

A LinkedIn advertising account is probably the most powerful marketing channel you can have these days, especially if you run a B2B business.

LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform for professionals where you can showcase your professional activities, skills, experience, connections and more.

A big advantage of Linkedin ads is that you can connect directly with influential people who play a great role in their company’s decisions.

This social media platform will help you reach industry experts and highly professional audiences around the world.

In addition, This powerful marketing tool of LinkedIn is highly effective for generating valuable leads, connecting with potential target audiences, gaining a lot of brand awareness and much more.

In this article, we are going to share a complete guide on how you can set up a LinkedIn account properly. Plus, we’ll discuss a full strategy for running your first ad campaign.

Switch from homepage to the linkedin campaign manager

You must first log in to your LinkedIn account page at Hopefully you already have a LinkedIn account. If you don’t have it yet, don’t delay opening it.

Look at the top navigation bar and click on the Work button. From here you have to select Advertise and click on it.

By clicking Advertise, linkedin takes you to a new welcome page. You can start your LinkedIn Campaign Manager settings from here.

Set up account name, company Page, and currency

After switching to the welcome page, LinkedIn will prompt you to set your account name, company page, and currency.

LinkedIn automatically creates an account name associated with your linked account. If you want to change your campaign manager name, you need to click on it and enter the new name.

Then you need to set your currency for your account based on your LinkedIn profile. If you want to change the currency, click Change next to the currency.

Finally, you need to change the company page. To do this, click Change on the side of the page.

Create a Page if you don’t have

Although having a page isn’t mandatory to start advertising on LinkedIn, campaigning with an affiliate page is the best practice. 

Because a page with your ad account gives you access to all campaign objectives and ad formats and makes your business more credible and professional to the audiences.

So, If you do not have the linkedin page yet, you need to create it before running the ads campaign. To do this, click  Create new LinkedIn Page +  and create a new Page associated with your ad account.

Review again and update your information

You should review all before finalizing. Recheck all the information you have provided and if you need to correct anything, correct it properly. 

Because this is the final stage of creating your ad account. After that you are going to create your campaign account in one click. 

So, review again and further update the information if necessary.

Click Agree & Create Account for finalizing linkedin campaign manager

Finally, you’re going to create your LinkedIn Ads account to create your campaign. 

As you input all your required information, you only need one click to finalize.

If you have provided all your information and verified it correctly, just click on Agree & Create Account and go to the new interface of New Campaign Group.

Here you have completed all the tasks to create your LinkedIn Ad account. Now you can start your LinkedIn promotion for your product or service.

Start your first ad campaign

Since this is your first time running an ad campaign on LinkedIn, it can seem difficult to complete correctly. As we know, the first step is always the hardest.

No one wants to fail to achieve his goals wherever he invests. Are you the same?

Therefore, you should be more aware of running your LinkedIn ad campaign. 

Simply put, you need to understand what you want from this advertising campaign and how to go through all the steps effectively.

Here we are discussing all the steps in detail so that you can start your campaign by completing all the steps without mistakes.

  • Select your ad objective

First you need to understand the purpose of your campaign. That means, what kind of goals you want to achieve from the campaign.

Then you need to select the perfect objective to meet your requirements.

There are 3 basic types of objectives available in a LinkedIn advertising account. These are awareness, consideration and conversion.

These objectives have further categories to define your exact goals. Let’s know them in detail.


If you want to raise brand awareness or you want to let people know about your brand, this objective is for you. 

Awareness campaigns increase awareness of audiences to your brand through impressions.

So, awareness campaigns are only charged for impressions. There are no other chargeable clicks for this purpose on LinkedIn.

This objective has a subcategory called brand awareness. This sub objective is also for the same goal. So, if you only want to increase your brand awareness, you can select this objective to achieve the goal.


If you want to increase your target audience’s engagement with your brand and let the audience understand your brand or what you do, then consideration campaigns may be the best objective for you.

This objective has 3 subcategories. These are :

  • Website Visits: You may select this objective when your goal is to get huge traffic on the landing page on your website. 

That means, through selecting this objective, you get a lot of  audiences to click through your ad to arrive at the landing page.

  • Engagement: Engagement is the optimal objective audience’s interaction with your ad. 

So, if you want your audience to interact with your ad through likes, comments, shares, hashtags, followers, you can select engagement objectives to get more audience interaction.

  • Video Views: Because of movement and sound effect, easy to digest, entertaining and engaging, Video ads have higher engagement capability.

If your goal is to make the audience view your video ad, video views is the best choichable objective for you. 

Although you can take advantage of the video ad format even if you select other objectives, this objective gives you the option to bid based on cost per view.


You can choose conversion campaigns primarily for lead generation and conversion tracking capabilities on your website.

These objectives also have three subcategories. These are:

  • Lead Generation: If you want to get more quality leads on LinkedIn, you need to select the Lead Generation objective. 

By choosing this objective, first you will get huge leads on Linkedin. 

Second, you can use a lead generation form that is pre-populated with LinkedIn profile data. 

This process is very effective because Linkedin will show your campaign to people who are more likely to fill out the lead general form.

Finally, you can integrate directly with a lead management platform if you choose this objective.

  • Website Conversions: If you want to get a lot of conversions on your website then Website Conversion is the best option for you as your campaign objective.

Conversions here include purchasing, registering, or downloading. So, if you need such criteria, you should choose this.

By choosing Website Conversion, you can capture huge leads on your website. Also, this objective helps you drive valuable actions for your brand.

If you select this objective, Linkedin will show your campaign to people who are most interested in taking the actions you define.

  • Job Applicants: This purpose is mainly for those who want to advertise their job circular in their company. 

That means you need to select this objective if you want to hire someone for your  company or business.

By choosing this objective, you will be able to reach people who are looking for relevant job opportunities and are more capable as per your recruitment. 

You can drive more applications for your job openings with this objective so that you can find the best candidate for the job.

Linkedin will show your campaign to people who are most likely to see or click on your job ad when you select this objective.

Create an audience

If you want to reach your ideal customers, you have to prioritize your target audience. 

Linkedin provides you the opportunity to define your proper target audience according to your business or products. 

We share the full process of targeting audiences step step. Let’s start 

 Language setting

Select the language of your target audience. This is an early but essential step in personalizing your ads for recipients. 

Linkedin chooses English as the default language, but there are 19 different language options to adjust the language of the target audience.

Location setting

Location setting is the most effective tool to get you to the right target audience.

You should start from the continent level, then the country and finally the region or state if necessary. If you want, you can choose any area of inclusion as well as exclusion.

5 more settings to be more specific

In addition to setting up language and location for audience targeting, there are 5 other settings to further specify your goals.

If you want to have a more ideal target audience that you can convert into potential customers, you should organize across these five different categories. 

These are company, demographics, education, work experience and interests.

Select ad format 

You have to select an ad format Based on your objective. Some of the ad formats on LinkedIn are:

  • Text Ads:This type of ad usually consists of a headline, short text and an image. Text ads can be presented at the top of the web page or in the right rail on desktop pages.
  • Carousel Ads:If you want to tell an interactive story by showcasing your brand message in multiple images, LinkedIn Carousel Ads are the best option for you. You can immerse your audience with a swipeable series of cards right in the LinkedIn feed
  • Single Image Ads: This type of ad usually only has one image and shows directly in the LinkedIn feed. This ad format can deliver your message directly to a specific audience via computer and mobile or other devices.
  • Video Ads: these ads help you to captivate your audience with interactive video content directly in their feed. These ads are highly effective to grab your audience’s attention.
  • Message Ads: This ad format allows you to send direct messages through LinkedIn messenger to your target audiences for immediate action. Message ads are a better choice to ensure higher conversions as they are delivered only when members are active on LinkedIn.
  • Conversation Ads: Conversation advertising allows you to start quality conversations with professionals through your experience. These ads are very effective for higher engagement with your target audience and more conversions. You can use multiple call-to-action buttons in this ad format.
  • Dynamic Ads: These ads are presented on the right rails of desktop pages and help you promote your products, gain followers and reach your target audience easily.

Set budget and schedule

Since you’ve already selected your target audience and ads format, it’s time to set the budget and schedule for your campaign.

You can select a daily or total budget based on your spending structure.

You can choose your campaign start date or else LinkedIn will automatically set it to the current date.

In Bidding, you can select your range, but we recommend keeping LinkedIn’s auto bid option, as the tool will use your budget most efficiently without requiring strict oversight.

Launch and optimize

you already have completed all of the initial work like objective, audience, format, and budget, it’s time to live your campaign. If you click on the next button in the bottom line, you will appear on a new interface called Review and Launch. Here you may review all your previous set up before finalizing your ads campaign.

After reviewing, you need to click on the Launch Campaign button to confirm to run your campaign.  Remember, LinkedIn usually takes less than 24 hours to review your new ads before being served to members.

When you can run the ad effectively on the platform, you need to optimize and improve results by collecting data and insights from your campaign.


By following all these simple steps, you can create and set up your linkedin campaign manager successfully and launch a campaign as well. 

Remember: The first time is the hardest phase of any action. Running your first campaign effectively will make it easier to do it later.

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