25 Awesome Youtube Fonts for Grow Your Channel

An attractive and adaptable YouTube font is very helpful in growing your channel quickly. This is because better YouTube fonts attract your users many times to choose your video over others. When we search something on YouTube, it shows us several thumbnails to choose the perfect one.  We usually choose the thumbnail that is more eye-catching, attractive and matches our needs first. Right?

So, to make your YouTube thumbnail, title, video text etc more attractive, you must choose the best font that can attract your users faster. Since there are numerous fonts available online, it is a bit difficult for YouTubers to select the perfect font. 

To find the most perfect YouTube fonts, you need to do a huge amount of research on them and run a lot of experiments. I think this is the most difficult and time-consuming task that a YouTuber suffers the most. This article will help you choose the perfect YouTube font for your YouTube channel. Hope you can pick up the suitable one from here and give your channel an attractive look by using it in the right way. 

Let’s get started with the main discussion.

YouTube fonts Free


Vegan is an aesthetic, simple and eye-catching font that improves readability and makes your projects stand out. It helps you create more attractive banners, thumbnails, titles, logotypes and video typefaces for your YouTube channel. It works perfectly with any branding shape and size. You can download and use it free without paying any costs.


Bebas is equally suitable for thumbnails, banners, logos and headlines to design any YouTube channel. The font is more suitable for tutorial videos like educational tutorials, make-up tutorials, recipe tutorials, etc. You can consider using it for your YouTube channel for its technical simplicity, elegant shape and clean lines. You can use it completely  free for personal and commercial purposes.

Alloy Ink

Alloy Ink is one of the coolest YouTube fonts for designing banners and thumbnails. You can also use it for other projects like logos and titles. It is popular for its incredible readability and gorgeous appearance. Also, the font gives your channel a touch of creative personality. There are many links available online from where you can download it absolutely free and use it for personal and commercial purposes.


Impact is quite popular for its legibility and readability. The font is very clear especially on images and that’s why it matches YouTube thumbnails the best. But many recommend skipping the font for professional logos or headlines because it’s too thin and unprofessional. They think a wider font is more consistent with titles and logos. It is free to download for personal and professional use.

Pillar Yellow

Although The Pillar Yellow font is traditional, it is able to provide a quite modern shpe. The basic elements of this font are great and it’s linework is primarily straight and simple. You can choose the font specifically for your YouTube channel’s thumbnail and banner design. You don’t have to pay anything to download the font and use it in any way.


Bangers is a bold and popular comic sans font especially for YouTube banner and thumbnail designs. Having a bold look, bangers is able to grab the attention of any audience in no time.  With 166 glyphs and 241 characters, it matches well with most video content. Like the other fonts on this list, it’s also free to download and use.


Roboto is a very popular font among many YouTubers because it has a large geometric form and friendly font features. Due to the weight variation, this font is very easy to read at all sizes. This is why you can get highly readable headlines and body text using this awesome font. This font is also quite compatible with your YouTube thumbnails and channel art. You can download it for free and use it for any purpose.


Fatcat is a great handwritten font with simple features and excellent readability. It is highly compatible with content of all shapes and sizes. Being a bit thin, it might not be the best choice for thumbnails, but can be great for YouTube channel arts and content body text. The biggest advantage is that you can download it from the links available online and use it for personal and commercial use absolutely free.

Open Sans

Google considers the Open Sun font a humanitarian typeface for its friendly appearance, open form and straight strokes. It is one of the most classic fonts that YouTubers use in their channel logos, channel arts, video thumbnails, titles, subtitles and even the text of video content. The font is very easy to read and comfortable on the eyes that matches content of all sizes. Free download facility is available to use this font.


Reguloza is the best handwritten script typeface and most popular font especially among YouTubers. This font fits well in all YouTube branding designs for its bold, thin line work and clear typeface. The font is easy to read and gorgeous, especially in the header and thumbnail designs. If you are just a beginner, you can definitely choose the free font as your YouTube channel typeface.

YouTube fonts free for personal use only

Badaboom BB

You can use Badaboom BB as a typeface for any element of your YouTube channel, but it’s best suited with thumbnails. This font is more adapted to comedy or funny content. So if you are creating fun content or want to use it for experimentation, this typeface is the best option for you. You can use it for free only for personal use but when you want to use it for your commercial purpose you need to buy its licence.

Juan Cock

Juan Cock is one of the most modern and stylish typefaces for YouTube thumbnails, banners, titles and video content text. Since the font has a masculine feel, it is more suitable for channels that make their videos specifically for men. But if your content is not like that, you can choose this font for its minimalistic and versatile features. The font is free for personal use only. If you are a beginner then you can run a test using it as it is completely free for personal use but you have to pay for a commercial project.

DK Mandarin Whispers

DK Mandarin Whispers is perfect for YouTube thumbnails and channel arts specially when you create travel blogs or lifestyle tutorials. As It matches any appearance, it is quite readable and clear in any size and shape. Its stylish features make your visitors love to click on your content easily. You can download it for free for personal use but need to pay for commercial use.

Beauty and the Beast

As you may have noticed that this font name has a combination of sincerity and cruelty, it actually works like its n mame. Beauty and the Beast is a typeface that perfectly blends boldness and charm. If you use a colourful background in your thumbnails and channel art, this font matches well and gives them a more vibrant look. You can use it completely free for your personal use only. It is paid for commercial use.

River Drive

River Drive is a font that you can use even if you have no editing or design skills. It blends in with images so well that it seems part of your background. Its bold and imposing outline makes your viewers stop and click on your videos when  they scroll through YouTube. For commercial use you need to buy its licence version, but you can use it for free in personal projects.

YouTube fonts Paid only

Game Over

Game Over is a cool brush typeface that gives a clean and smooth look to video text. You can get more benefit using it in videos with written content like song lyrics or informational tutorials because the font is very charming in video text. Also, this font goes well with banners and thumbnails for its gorgeous look. You need to purchase its licence for both personal and commercial use.

Chalk Sketch 

If you have a ‘how to’ channel or an educational channel for kids, Chalk Sketch might be the perfect typeface for you. The font is best for thumbnail designs, but you also use it mainly in channel art, titles and logos. The readability and eye comfort of this font is top notch. But if you want to run a test first, we don’t recommend this font because you have to pay for both personal and commercial use.


We all know that the topic that is bombing these days is gaming or sports related YouTube channels. Herona is definitely ready for this trending hot topic. The font is very popular among gamers and streamers for its unique shape and beautiful style. You can use it as a thumbnail or banner design for your channel, but it looks best in gaming logos, streaming logos, streaming overlay designs, etc. You can only obtain its licence by purchase.


Funny or comedy channels are always the most popular cakes for YouTubers. Vlogger fonts have a natural fun and playful vibe that can grab anyone’s attention so quickly. So, if you have a funny channel, you can get the best output by using this font. The font contains a complete set of upper and lower case letters, numbers and punctuation marks guaranteed to give your projects a more attractive look and unique personality. You can enjoy this awesome font by purchasing its licence as your YouTube channel font.


Dustin is an amazing font family that gives your channel a stunning design with its four packages: Regular, Regular Outline, Regular Italic and Regular Outline Italic. It’s a bold and modern sans serif font that can easily fit into a large project. The font gives you attractive designs especially in brand logos. Additionally, the font helps you stand out with gorgeous thumbnails and banner designs. you need to buy its licence for personal projects and commercial use.


Clowney is an aesthetic handwriting typeface that can be one of the best choices for your YouTube channel design. You can use this font in all your text on your channel, but it’s really great for your thumbnail and YouTube banner designs. It has an innocent look that makes it a more recommended font for any YouTuber at any level either beginners or professionals. You can enjoy the font with a reasonable payment if it fits your budget.

King Crayon 

If you create video content on creative and fun topics, King Crayon can be one of the best choices for you. This font goes best with funny videos for kids, but also suits well with comedy videos, compilation videos, and more. So, you can use this beautiful font for your YouTube channel personally or commercially if it matches your budget.


Burford is a very adaptable typeface with any type of banner. So you can get best results by using it in your YouTube channel banner and your video thumbnail. You can also attract your audience by using this font in titles, video text and even your channel logo. It is budget friendly and you can use it by paying a very reasonable licence price. For a good reason, this is one of the most used fonts in YouTube banners.

Travel Journal 

From the naming of this font we can easily understand that the font is specially designed for travel blog content. But you can’t use the font in other types of content, that’s not really the case. You can use it in others if it is well suited. YouTubers mostly use this font in their banner and thumbnail designs as it goes well with these. If you want to buy one of the best and attention-grabbing fonts for your channel art and thumbnail designs, you can undoubtedly put the font on your shortlist.


Having bold outlines and borders, Calibold is more adaptable to banners and thumbnails. The dark shade of this fantastic font gives your product a very unique look and makes them stand out against the background. If you are creating informational or ‘how to’ videos, the font will give you a charismatic output. So, you can keep this font in your favourite list especially for your banner and thumbnail designs.


How you can choose the most perfect YouTube Fonts

Since there are almost half a million free and paid fonts available online and we have mentioned about 25 here, choosing the perfect font can be really difficult for you as a beginner. So, we are sharing some tips and tricks so that you can decide to choose an effective typeface for your YouTube channel.

Consider the readability first

A thumbnail, banner or headline can grab the attention of visitors quickly while fonts are easy to read. This is why you need to consider font readability when you choose it. A bold weight and large text font is always legible and attractive for thumbnail other designs. So, don’t forget to consider the boldness of the fonts when you choose the typeface for your YouTube channel.

Consider your niche

Before choosing your YouTube channel font, you need to consider your content niche. The perfect font for an educational channel may not be good for a cooking channel. Simply put, a foodie audience cannot be attracted with the same font that attracts a travel lover audience. So, you need to find the perfect fonts that go well with your video content niche.

Take the time for experiment

The more time you spend testing, the closer you’ll get to your desired font. As you experiment more with alternative fonts, it will give you more experience with different fonts and help you choose the perfect font for your YouTube channel. So, when you choose the best typeface, we suggest you take more time to experiment.

Choose a bold fonts with rounded edges for channel logo

A logo with a bold font with rounded edges is able to capture your audience’s attention faster. It also makes your target audience remember your brand message for a longer time. A bold font makes your logo’s words and phrases unique from other text. So, you should consider bold fonts with your YouTube channel logo.

Match youtube font with Resolutions

Nowadays almost all videos on YouTube are uploaded in high resolution. If you can’t match your font to your video resolution, it looks awkward and a bit unprofessional. If you are uploading videos with high resolution, you should use a high quality premium font that best fits your video resolution.

Above all

Although we have described the best free and premium fonts, choosing the best font for your channel is not really easy as we have mentioned many times. 

When choosing the perfect font for your channel you need to consider your niche, budget, preferences and more with a huge amount of experimentation. You can also take help of our design experts for your channel art, logo, thumbnails and any type of design you need.

Pixency provides all kinds of design and branding related services to its clients especially in UI/UX design. Therefore, if you have any questions about the design and branding of your YouTube channel or want to discuss any services, you are specifically requested to contact us.


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