Best Sticker design Ideas

Want to start or expand your sticker business? Well, we have prepared a best sticker ideas list for you by conducting a deep research on the topic. 

Hope you can come to a decision to run your business in the right direction.

Stickers are a very trending item these days. Stickers ranked the #1 best selling item on Etsy in 2021. They are also the best searched item on various marketplaces this year.

Stickers are a versatile product as anyone can use them to decorate anything from their phone to their walls. Also, they can help anyone with advertising, branding or marketing.

At the initial stage, almost all sellers suffer from a lack of good sticker design ideas and cannot make a final decision about what kind of sticker they can design.

In the article we will discuss some sticker design ideas that are popular in the market today. 

Along with this we will also share some important tips and tricks to make your designs more interesting and cool.

Custom Sticker Design Ideas and Examples

A custom look is essential to make your stickers work for you and your business. If you are suffering from a lack of custom sticker design ideas, you can take help online to find the outline. There are many resources available online from where you can get an idea to start your sticker design journey. Here we are discussing some popular custom sticker design ideas which are currently very trending in various markets.

Laptop stickers

Many people like to make their technologies a bit more personal. This is why they design their laptop screen with a completely custom look using stickers. There are two variants for laptop stickers: cut-out types and skins. You can use the cut-out type with minimal items like flask stickers, water bottles and more, in addition to using it on laptops.

But skins are only used for laptops and they are adhesives that cover the entire back part of the laptop screen. Skins are usually customised for specific devices. That’s why classy skins work well to personalise your laptop more without compromising its professional look.

Phone stickers

Like laptop stickers, fashion lovers used stickers to decorate their personal phones with various stylish phone stickers.

Most people today use smartphones. This phone is not only an essential gadget for us but it is definitely a very adorable and attractive item. 

Users often want to decorate their essentials and hobby tools in fun and unique ways. Stickers are a great way to give their phone a cool look and personalise the device even more.

Kiss cut stickers are a very ideal and charming item for laptop and phone cover. More common stickers for these types of devices are brand logos, pop culture and various adorable emojis.

Car stickers

A good sticker can transform a dull car into an attractive and lively one. These car stickers have retained their popularity for a long time. 

We often see various colourful stickers on cars with moral sentences, political messages, social messages, baby-on-board signage and many funny quotes.

If you want to convey a specific message using a car sticker, you should use a custom bold font for cool typography and a matching colour. 

They give your massage a strong attention-grabbing ability and help it stand out more clearly in any environment, such as subtle shadows in direct sunlight.

However, Car sticker sizes should be standard and not annoying so that they can be seen on the bumper or rear view mirror without obstructing the driver’s vision.

Bike stickers

Bikes are the most reliable partner on the road and a great hobby in bikers life. Most of them want to decorate this adorable thing with various stylish and colourful stickers. 

Almost all bike companies use paintwork or stickers for their brandings. Yet there are plenty of spaces where anyone can use versatile types of stickers.

Bike stickers are small sized custom sticker items that bikers use to decorate their bikes and to give them a standard look. 

Bikers often use these stickers on the top tube just in front of the seat post, but  these are matchable well wherever in bikes like beneath the handlebars or on the helmet.

It is also essential for a biker to choose a material that is ideally adhesive, which does not fade in sunlight.

Water bottle stickers

The water bottling system releases about 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year. 

Disposable water bottles are responsible for killing 1.1 million marine animals each year. 

This is why using a reusable water bottle during hot summer months is becoming more popular as they use less oil, emit less carbon dioxide and are generally better for water. 

People love to decorate their personal items like water bottles with various cute and funny stickers. It is currently a popular trend. 

For water bottles, the stickers should be vinyl and waterproof. Usually these stickers come in small sizes.

Wall stickers

Wall stickers are a highly sought-after, trendy and even affordable means of decorating anyone’s home. 

Nowadays wall stickers are considered as one of the best elements of interior design. A beautiful and attractive sticker makes a simple room attractive, aesthetic and gorgeous. 

The biggest advantage of using these stickers is that you can attach these stickers to your wall and next time if you need, you can easily remove them without any damage to the wall. 

For this reason it can be the best option for renters who are not allowed to paint the walls of their rooms.

These stickers are especially popular in children’s and teenagers’ rooms. And the frilly, cursive font typography might be best suited for this age group’s room wall stickers.

In case of serious business like real estate business or company business, the combination of white and blue can be most suitable and profitable.

Custom Name Stickers

People always like to label their own name on their personal property.These stickers are the best  way for this.

If you want to make sure that no one touches your personal belongings, you can add a name sticker to it.

A company can use this name sticker to identify their officers or for a team building event. You can further personalise your lunch box by using these name stickers. 

Apart from this, name stickers can be used in many places for some personalization.

Most importantly when designing name stickers, you need to emphasise on quality typography using matching fonts and typefaces with solid colours.

Custom Cartoon Stickers

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like cartoons. Children love cartoons the most. But the reality is that people of every age suffer from nostalgia for their favourite cartoon characters. 

Because of this, the demand for custom cartoon stickers is always at its peak. selling cartoon stickers is one of the most profitable businesses now. 

They are still becoming more powerful and prevalent items in various markets. Therefore, cartoon stickers are one of the best and low-risk ways to start a new small business.

In the cartoon sticker business, you should not limit your audience. You can make cartoon stickers for kids as well as parents. You can make lots of fun cartoon stickers for adults too.


Special tips for creating cool sticker design

Use highly  readable font for typography

A stunning readable font can easily grab any audience’s attention and convey a message clearly. Also a good typography makes your sticker design more unique and beautiful.

You can make your sticker designs more readable by using attractive fonts with solid colour combinations.

When you choose your sticker design font, you should consider the width, size, cleanliness, and contrast with the background of your text.

Here we have listed some popular fonts for sticker design, you can check them out.

  • Goudy Heavyface
  • Tanga
  • Hey Beibeh
  • Epicgant
  • Street Sign Sans
  • Winter Day Script Streak
  • Wild Youth
  •  Voneto
  • Saviour Sans
  • Misto Font
  • Winter Day Script Streak
  • Klostro

Use standard colours and sizes

Standard colours and sizes of your sticker are crucial to its readability and attractiveness. 

If you want to give your sticker a professional and stunning look, you need to consider its size and colour combination.

As many experts recommend, an ideal sticker size should be about three to five inches because the size makes the text and print legible. But when it goes with the logo, it should be smaller.

To maximise the quality of your stickers, our experts recommend using images between 300ppi and 650ppi.

Your sticker dimensions should be 512×512 pixels. Remember to keep your sticker file size under 100KB.

Perfect colour is also very important for sticker design. To apply the best colours, you should consider the age, gender, race, and culture of your users and match colours to your text and images. 

Try to use 2-3 colours on a sticker and don’t use more than 4 colours.

Keep your design simple

Users don’t like complexity. A simple sticker design guarantees you a huge user acceptance and interaction.

Simple design has many advantages. You can create your stickers at a cheap cost, make them easy to understand and fix them when you need. 

Simplicity in sticker design can save your audience from getting distracted from your message.

Simple design isn’t just about using minimal colours or simple, readable typefaces, it’s about preparing the design by reading the user’s mind and using that understanding to achieve the user’s goals.

So, to keep your sticker design simple you should prioritise simple explanatory ideas over complex ones.

Use classic symbol

There’s nothing better than a classic-looking symbol for a sticker.Symbols facilitate providing any message strongly. 

In graphic design, symbols are used very importantly to represent your brand, connect with your customers and even tell your story.

In your sticker design, symbols make your design and message very understandable to the viewers. 

You can visually communicate with your audience by using symbols on your stickers.

So, use different symbols to make your stickers more promising and lucrative.

Proofread your text

Proofreading is the final stage of your sticker design and editing process. 

You should consciously proofread your text for spelling and grammar before printing your design. 

Bad spelling and grammar are largely responsible for ruining the value of your stickers. 

Customers perceive your stickers as unprofessional and clumsy if your stickers contain spelling and grammar mistakes.

Apart from grammar and spelling, you should look for the capitalization and number errors. In short, you need to be more aware of any mistakes in your design.

Use a professional pinter

Nowadays there are many printers available in the market from which you can choose the best one to fulfil your purpose. 

But before buying you should consider which type of printer is better suited for your specific purpose than the other.

Many recommend inkjet printers as the best for stickers because of their affordability and reliability.

Our experts feel that an inkjet printer is best suited for printing vibrant stickers. Because inkjet printers can produce more vibrant colours than laser printers.

But when it comes to mostly black and white and bulk printing stickers, a laser printer may be your best option. Also, laser printers are faster than inkjet printers.


Although the stickers are small, their impact is huge. They are very effective not only for personal hobbies but also for promoting brand awareness. 

These cost-effective, small stickers help you spread the message around.

We have tried to share the best sticker ideas and tips in the article. 

We hope this list of sticker design ideas will help you get some great sticker inspiration for designing and preparing your custom stickers.

If you have any design related questions, Pixency’s team of expert designers are always ready to help with information.

Pixency deals with various design and branding related services. So, if you need any design or branding related services, feel free to contact us.


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