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20 Most Popular Barber Shop Fonts for Business

Choosing the appropriate and productive barber shop fonts is really a difficult but quite important task for your business. 

When you fail to select the most suitable barber shop font, your barber shop may be unable to attract your target audience and ultimately this will prevent you from increasing your conversion rate significantly.

There are nearly half a million free and paid fonts available online that you can use for branding your business. So, choosing the perfect one to attract your customers is a big challenge.

But don’t worry because I have mentioned in this article a deeply researched list of popular fronts that are totally suitable for your barbershop  business. 

Hope you can choose the best from the list to design classic barber shop logos, typography and other design elements for your business branding.

Here, I have described both free and paid barbershop fonts where you can choose one according to your budget. Let’s jump to the main discussion.


Barber shop fonts free

1. Alvaro Condensed

Alvaro Condensed is a modern and clean font style but better suited for smaller designs and start-up small businesses. 

It will give you a lucrative finish in simple designs like flyers or in social media like facebook, instagram etc.  

So, if you have a start up business and want to design your branding in a simpler look, You may download this font and use it without paying any cost.

2. Holtzberg

Holtzberg is a popular font especially for logos and headlines. It is widely used not only for barber shop business but also for coffee shops, restaurants, bars etc.

This profitable font is completely free to download and use. You can choose it to design your barber shop logo and increase your conversion by attracting customers.

3. Bernier

You can choose the option for your barber shop fonts as Bernier has three different styles. They are regular, distressed and a shade. You can get a vintage look from the free Barnier font family for your business logotype, typography and vintage badges. So, if you want to give your business a touch of retro and vintage, Bernier can be a good option for you to choose.

4. Bridgnorth

If you want to give your business a unique look and can compromise a little to get your message across to your audience, then Bridgnorth is a good choice for you. Bridgnorth is an old classic font that can be a little confusing to read but looks great. But its updated modern version is really awesome that you can choose it without compromising the clarity of the message.

5. Admiral CAT

Admiral Cat is an amazing font with balanced characters. As a result it can match any creative design. Admiral Cat is completely free to use. So,  you can use this font for both personal and commercial purposes without any cost. Also, you can use the font for larger designs like posters or any kind of brass lines and symbols as well as wooden letters.

6. Noir

Noir is one of the best fonts that you can use in any type of design for your barber shop logo, caption, title or as a stylish text overlay on any background image. 

You can generally use this font anywhere and for any purpose. With Noir, you can easily give your design a bold and elegant look as the font has a stylish and sophisticated feel. 

Although the font is sold for a small price, there are plenty of links available online where you can get it completely free.

7. Brandon Grotesque

Brandon Grotesque Font is a modern sans serif typeface that strikes a perfect balance between a functional look and a warm touch. The font is generally more or less suitable for any design and web-related task. From web fonts to a clean wordmark logo, you can use it completely free for personal designs as well as commercial use.

8. Smythe Regular

Smythe is a free typeface available on Google Fonts that is specially used to create different and large designs. As it has a great readability, you can choose it for online use extensively.

Smythe Regular has modern and stylish features that can help you design your brand logo, stylish cards like Halloween or Christmas.

You can use it in all designs created in Adobe Photoshop which gives your design a charming look ultimately.

Barber shop fonts free and paid

9. Zing Rust

Zing Rust is a handcrafted type system that includes over 520 typefaces. This font family is based on layer combinations with script fonts and elegant surfs, and you can also use icons and images. As Zing Rust has medium proportions, it’s perfect for your barbershop logos and titles that really stand out. Although most typefaces are paid, you can use up to 6 fonts for your personal and commercial use at no cost.

10. Nexa Rust

Nexa Rust is a highly usable font for any signage or heading in web design. But it is especially popular with YouTubers. You can use it as your barbershop font both free and paid. Within the Nexa Rust font family, you can use a minimum of 5 fonts for free. If you want to use the rest of the fonts, you have to pay a certain amount to buy the typefaces.

Barber shop fonts paid 

11. Ranger

If you’re looking to rebrand your barber shop business, Ranger might be one of the best fonts to choose. Because it provides a retro edge that helps your business stand out from the rest. But if you are just a start up, I don’t recommend buying it because its commercial licence price is $25 to $230 .I think it is almost a high amount to pay for a new business.

12. Moszer

Moszer is a unique display font with creative features from the early 20th century. It actually works best with larger designs.  Although Moszer is very useful in cafes or restaurants, it can make your barbershop more attractive and friendly to your customers.

You can create completely unique and stunning displays, titles and name plates for your barber shop business. You need to purchase and download this font to use it, and its commercial licence price starts at $59.00.

13. Cinderela

Cinderella is a gorgeous and versatile handwritten font that incorporates charming style with unique authenticity. You can take your barbershop design to the next level by adding this beautiful vintage style typeface. Besides designing your store logo, you can create beautiful cards, charming still art and other eye-catching media post designs with it. You can buy and download it from the starting price of $39.

14. Nexa

Nexa is most perfect for headlines and text blocks of all sizes, but it is applicable for any kind of graphic design like web design, print, motion etc. 

This font is also suitable for designing t-shirts, posters and logos.You can buy fonts in a family or individual package. Its individual package price starts at $25 while you have to pay a starting price of $125 to buy a family pack of fonts.

15. Hustlers Rough

Hustler Rough generally matches normal size text well, but is also suitable for small words, massive display and single letters in design. 

If you want to recreate your vintage design for your barbershop business, the font can be a great choice for you. 

This font will be a better functional and great looking font for your barber shop branding.

You have to pay an introductory price of $16 to buy and download this font.

16. Barber

Barber is highly popular as barber shop front not only for its aptly named, but also for itrs vintage barber shop feel. Barber is most suitable for logos but it  works smoothly for all purposes. You may choose this font for its simple and clean look with a reasonable starting price. You can use this font for your personal and commercial purposes with a starting price of $15.

17. Rumble Brave

If you want a combination of luxury, elegance and style, Rumble Brave could be the perfect font for your barber shop design. You can perfectly use this font to design logos, banners, flyers and more. Also, this gorgeous vintage font is very easy to use with or without any design software or program. You can buy it to use for your barbershop design for reasonable prices starting at $15.

18. Ignite

Ignite is a gorgeous font that gives you a modern, aesthetic feel to your designs and instantly grabs your customer’s attention. It is very easy to use for any design project for your barber shop business like logo, header, poster, banner, website or branding design. The price range of these fonts starts at $12 to purchase and use for your barbershop design.


19. Albertiny

Albertini helps you give designs a naturally authentic look with a combination of brush strokes and luxurious swashes. Although this font is paid for commercial use, it pays a little extra to design a great font. So, you can use this gorgeous and unique handwritten font to bring your design project to life and give your customers a remarkable experience. The licence price for this font starts at $19.

20. Monoline Script

Monoline script helps maintain a personality for your barbershop as the letters were initially based on handwriting and later arranged to create a set of compatible letters.

Because it has fancy ligatures, it can be a bit difficult to read in small size. Having a handmade feel and personal touch, it ensures the perfection for any of your barber shop design projects.

The price range of Monoline Script fonts starts at $15 to purchase and use for your barbershop design.


If you want to capture your target customers’ attention more, using the best Barber Shop Fonts is mandatory for you. Also, A good barber shop font helps your business to achieve a unique personality. We discuss the free fonts first because you may run a test by downloading and using them without paying any cost. 

In the meantime you may explore different options to be ready for making the decision finally. If you find the choisable font and think this can help you to grab your audience’s attention, don’t miss the opportunity to create gorgeous designs through this. Pixency works with various design and branding related services for any start up or scale-up businessSo, if you have any questions about your barber shop fonts or design, feel free to contact us. Pixency’s team is always ready to discuss any kind of query with you.


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