10 Best Tips for Logo Design

Logo is one of the most important means of promoting services and products of any business, organisation, school-college, etc. 

Also you can start a freelancing career just by logo designing. So, if you want to learn logo design and become a professional logo designer, then definitely follow the tips below.

1. You need to see a lot of logos and get ideas from famous brand logos.

2. Copy the logo, at least 200. Be sure to select simple logos first.

3. Sketching/layout is very important in any design. Start drawing practice from this moment.

4. Colour is very essential for logo design. It varies by age, gender, race, culture. But try to use 1-2 colours in a logo and never more than 3 colours. So, know “Colour Psychology”.

5. Use 1 to 2 typefaces (fonts) in logo design. Ensure that the text is legible at any size. Read different typography terms. Try to know the psychological aspects of fonts from Google or YouTube.

6. You must have the correct interpretation of the Shape/Elements/Symbols used in the logo. In this case, there must be an idea about the different types of logos. (eg: Iconic, Typographic, Combination, Emblem, ,Mascot, Heraldry, Mnemonic, Vintage etc).

7. Of course, black-and-white, grayscale, light-dark backgrounds should also be taken care of.

8. Logo must be vector. Don’t use any images directly. In this case, you can use vector software like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Affinity Designer etc.

9. Think of yourself as a client and take design feedback yourself. You can take feedback from family, friends, colleagues and various communities and welcome any constructive criticism and move on.

10. Practice and practice. Then practice again. And then again practice more and more following the right guidelines.



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